Artistic License

Artistic License

Derek Shepherd - Rebecca S. Yu, MD

I am sure that many of you are mourning the death of Derek Shepherd, as I am. Actually, I am being a bit hypocritical. I watched Grey’s Anatomy from its inception, but I stopped watching the show when the trauma team went down in a plane crash – it was just getting to be ridiculous. But when my sister called me in tears because Dr. McDreamy was killed off the show, I had to tune in. Here are the 2 thoughts that I came away with:

  • Derek Shepherd can do a lot of things, but there is no way he could reduce a dislocated hip without giving the patient any sedation or muscle relaxation. No way. Fact.
  • Why the hell was his cell phone ringing in an area where there is no reception? Isn’t that why they couldn’t call for help?

Of course, I am going to have to watch the 2-hour follow-up episode this week. RIP Derek.

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