Is your smartphone a pain? How to prevent it from causing your hands to suffer.

Is your smartphone a pain? How to prevent it from causing your hands to suffer.

Staff - Rebecca S. Yu, MD

“I’m not a fan of change, especially when it comes to technology. There is only so much that my brain can handle. I still draw with a pencil on paper, not with a stylus on a tablet. I resisted getting a cell phone for as long as possible – even though I was a surgical resident at the time they were becoming popular. I held onto my flip phone until it mysteriously disappeared between the taxi cab and the front door of O’Hare. Confession: I own and use an iPhone 6. It is very handy, I have to admit. But the pervasiveness of these smart phones and how they are changing our personal interactions is making me a little crazy.

I still like having debates and arguments about remote random trivia, because it’s fun, it exercises my memory, and it inevitably leads to discussion of other random trivia. For example: did Andre Agassi really date Barbra Streisand? No way. Maybe? Before or after the hair? Before or after Brooke Shields? Before or after he started winning all those titles. And what ever happened to Brooke Shields? Did they ever have kids? Or does he just have kids with Steffi Graf? And are their kids going to play tennis? Well, they should! They have the genes – times 2!

Or we could just pick up one of our ever-present phones and just look it up. End of discussion. Silence. More reading on the phone.

Put your phones down! Look up and enjoy the view – whether it’s the mountains, the valleys, your partner, or your children. Give your neck, your eyes, and your thumbs a break! Talk to each other. Exercise your memory. Let your minds wander. Take in the world – the real world, not just the digital one.”

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