Jammed finger vs. broken finger: What to know

Jammed finger vs. broken finger: What to know

Jammed finger vs. broken finger: What to know

I take issue with this article, published in Medical News Today. It is written and reviewed by people who are not responsible for the outcome of treatment for jammed fingers. A jammed finger is a common injury, but treatment ranges from doing nothing to having surgery, and you can't always tell which it is going to be just by looking at the finger. As indicated in the 2 referenced articles that are actually written by hand surgeons, A thorough knowledge of finger joint anatomy and injury mechanism is critical to perform an appropriate examination, establish an accurate diagnosis, and identify a treatment plan for each patient and Even if the injured finger looks normal and can move normally, it may require medical treatment. The anatomy of the finger joint is complex, and several types of injuries can result in permanent problems if they are left undiagnosed or untreated.

Some jammed fingers require splinting; some require early motion. My simple advice, if you jam your finger, get it checked out by someone who knows the difference.

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