Staff - Rebecca S. Yu, MD

I love my staff. Ever since I first started in private practice 11 years ago, gathering and maintaining a “team”, rather than just individual staff members, was of critical importance to me. Our current team is warm, empathetic, extremely conscientious, and working toward a common goal – exceptional patient care. Everyone tackles new challenges with aplomb. No task is ever outside their job description. They have truly taken to heart my plea for them to take ownership in the practice, to be proud of where they work and of the work we do. Our MA’s, typically graduates of top colleges, have gone on to PA school and medical school. One has recently completed her internal medicine residency and hung her shingle. (Congratulations, Boramee!) Another will be leaving us this summer to begin PA school. We will miss her greatly, but I look forward to meeting another bright and eager “junior resident”, for that is how I see them, and I hope they are getting something of value from me in return. Returning to this type of teamwork has made my return to private practice all the more satisfying.

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