Use caution during the Halloween season, and take steps to prevent hand injuries when carving.

"Every Halloween season we see four or five patients - both adults and children- who come into our office with severe injuries to their hands and fingers," says Jeffrey Wint, MD, an ASSH member from The Hand Center of Western Massachusetts in Springfield, Mass. "Treatment can often run three to four months, from the time of surgery through rehabilitation."

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I am a fellowship-trained, Board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, with a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Hand Surgery. It is my goal to partner with you in the assessment and treatment of your hand and upper extremity conditions. Understanding that not every condition is fixable, I am confident that together, we can identify a treatment plan that will optimize your function, minimize your pain, and return you to your life with as little downtime as possible. If you think I can help, please call to make an appointment (510) 540-6800.

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Calender - Rebecca S. Yu, MD - Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon

Dr. Yu participates in volunteer activities, offering care and treatment for conditions of the upper extremity to those who might not otherwise have access to such care.

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