Gotta Hand It To You

  • For Adults, Coloring Invites Creativity And Brings Comfort

    In 1982, anthropologist Adrienne Zihlman, now professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz, published The Human Evolution Coloring Book. Students of biological anthropology were invited to learn about DNA, genes, monkeys and apes – and the fossils, tools and evolutionary relationships of our human ancestors – by coloring in pages rife with factual […]

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  • Staff

    I love my staff. Ever since I first started in private practice 11 years ago, gathering and maintaining a “team”, rather than just individual staff members, was of critical importance to me. Our current team is warm, empathetic, extremely conscientious, and working toward a common goal – exceptional patient care. Everyone tackles new challenges with […]

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  • Artistic License

    I am sure that many of you are mourning the death of Derek Shepherd, as I am. Actually, I am being a bit hypocritical. I watched Grey’s Anatomy from its inception, but I stopped watching the show when the trauma team went down in a plane crash – it was just getting to be ridiculous. […]

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  • Introduction

    I thought I’d start this blog by telling you a little bit more about me. I have two darling little girls, ages 6 and 1. They keep me on my toes and keep me laughing all the time – well, most of the time. You might ask why they are all dressed up in little […]

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